• Umbrage
    A Theatrum Mundi (english)
    Anija Seedler, Sudabeh Mohafez
  • Juni 2020
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Umbrage. A Theatrum Mundi in 23 scenes, with a text by Sudabeh Mohafez.

Loosely based on Louis Charles Adélaïde de Chamissot de Boncourt’s The Curious Story of Peter Schlemihl

Scenes: Anija Seedler
Text: Sudabeh Mohafez
English Translation: Robert Gillet
Graphic Design: Maria Magdalena Meyer

48 Pages
24 Plates
25 x 30 cm, Swiss brochure binding

This book is also available in a German language edition (ISBN 978-3-944903-49-1).

A Theatrum Mundi made from paper – Encounters between a visual artist and a writer, between silhouette collages and lyric prose
In this new adaptation of the tale of Peter Schlemihl, the story’s main female protagonist Mina speaks about the betrayal of love, jealousy, and a life without shadow. A theatre of shapes, staged on paper, with drawings reminiscent of sequential scenes. Seemingly historical, but actually deeply ingrained in contemporary art and literature—in between worlds—, thus continuing the tradition of the original novella, The Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl.

After Das Lied vom Flederwisch. Ein fantastisches Bestiarium (2019), this is the second book jointly created by the two artists.

Anija Seedler (*1974 Schlema/Erzgebirge) visual artist working at the intersection of visual and scenic arts. She lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

Sudabeh Mohafez (*1963 Teheran) is a writer living and working in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. Some of her most recent publications are Kitsune. 3 Mikroromane (2016) and Behalte den Flug im Gedächtnis (2017).

Robert Gillett
is Reader in German and Comparative Literature and also an author and a teacher at Queen Mary University of London. He lives and works in London, UK.